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Top 24 roll safe meme

Life moves from one stage to another similarly meme travel from mind to mind. Roll safe memes are famous depicting the mental and intellectual situations. Roll safe memes are best to acknowledge or taunt any one’s decision. You can browse here Top 24 roll safe memes. Share and tag your friends who fit in the …

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Top 29 Thinking meme

A ‘meme’ is an idea or a symbol. Most of the memes are captioned pictures and funny. Other memes can be verbal expressions and videos. Reece Simpson’s picture from Hood Documentary is very famous now s days as a.k.a. Roll Safe and thinking memes.  You can use Thinking meme is you want to criticize any …

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Top 10 Thinking Memes

What is Meme? Richard Dawkins was an evolutionary biologist who first introduced the word “meme” in 1976.  A ‘meme’ is an idea or a symbol that is spread virally in form of picture or video on social idea. Most of the memes are planned to be funny and are captioned photos. Other memes can be …

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